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Poorly Bicycle?

Winklebury Cycles can help with our quick and efficient service options

We undertake servicing and repairs on all bikes in our fully-equipped workshop.  We aim to turn all routine service work around very quickly and often it is ok to just drop a bike in without booking, providing you are able to leave it with us for a couple of days.


We perform a inspection of your cycle, including adjusting the brakes, gears and checking everything is tight and working as it should, and finally we lubricate all parts.

The standard service is £25, and includes:

  • Tyre condition and tyre pressures checked and adjusted as necessary;
  • Brakes checked for condition and effective operation and adjusted as necessary
  • Bearings in wheel cones and bottom bracket checked and adjusted as necessary
  • Headset bearings checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary
  • Wheels checked for damage (Trueing extra cost)
  • All fasteners checked for correct torque
  • Gears and transmission checked for wear and gears checked and adjusted as necessary
  • Accessories checked to ensure fitted correctly
  • Overall assessment of the condition of the components and frame

The Service charge does not cover the cost of any replacement parts or the fitting of replacement parts.


From a inner tube replacement to a full rebuild,

If you would like to find out more about getting your bicycle serviced or repaired, please visit our contact page.

Parts & Accessories

We have a large selection of parts from some of the world’s largest cycle accessory manufacturers. We can source parts and replacements for most bikes; contact us if there is something specific you require.

A bicycle wheel can often be repaired before the need to replace it arises, which is more cost effective for you. At Winklebury Cycles, wheels can be trued, repaired or built, and is usually much cheaper than buying a replacement.